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Report Automation

Reporting is one of the most important, yet underutilized tools available in any contact centre. Despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of reports available in most systems, they are in an unstructured format, need to be run daily and then formatted and analyzed and are excessively time consuming. The result of this is that reporting ends up being a burden and not used.

Poulton Consulting has been assisting clients with reports for many years and has developed several tools that make this report extraction and analysis a quick and easy process!!

Managing performance in your contact centre can save hundreds of thousands of rand on the bottom line and that is what lead to the development of C-PERFORM, a contact centre  performance management suite that shows in detail what every agent spends their day doing and scores their performance in a structured scorecard.

Poulton Consulting also designs and builds automated custom reporting tools for any other business areas such as Quality Assurance, Sales, Commissions, Claims, Payments, Fulfillment etc.

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