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Quality Management

Quality Management is ultimately the differentiating factor between your contact centre and that of your competitor. The days of product and price differentiation are long gone, it's all about service (see Report Automation) and quality of service.

Poulton Consulting has implemented quality management programs at several corporates, encompassing:

•    Quality of Access (access to contact numbers, web site etc)
•    Quality of Queuing (answer message, IVR/Auto Attendant options, holding messages, call diversions etc)
•    Quality of Call Handling (Call answer, information gathering and confirmation, call process, agent knowledge, solution delivery, call ending)
•    Quality of Call Logging (was it logged, correctly, accurately, timeously)
•    Quality of Reporting (frequency, accuracy, presentation)

Quality Management Programs are not instant fixes but a steady improvement process over time, normally a 6 to 10 month period, depending on the complexity. They require planning and consistent application of measurement and corrective action (coaching, process review, systems updates, report updates) to be successful.

Independent, unbiased measurement is of critical importance together with regular calibration sessions with individuals in the Contact Centre to ensure that the process remains fair.

Successful Quality Management Programs, together with Report Automation will provide the perfect base from which to drive staff optimization, efficiency and performance.

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