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Contact Centre Audits

In order for you to really understand how well your contact centre is performing, it is essential to carry out an audit. This is done by professionals who have many years of experience in business and the contact centre industry and can rapidly identify areas where your contact centre is lacking in or below par.

There are two types of Audit available:

1.    Mini Audit

This is a one day audit that covers all areas of the contact centre but in less detail than the full audit. It provides a snapshot of where you stand and may lead to a more detailed audit. Should a Full audit be necessary, the cost of the one day audit will be credited against the full audit.

2.    Full Audit

This is a 2 week process where every detail of the contact centre and all surrounding business processes and departments is covered.

•    General business principals, mission, vision and management.
•    All aspects of staffing including payroll, employment contracts, job descriptions, KPAs, recruitment, induction, coaching and training.
•    Existence, documentation, adherence and maintenance of all processes.
•    All technology including network infrastructure, servers, databases, PABX, call routing, messaging, recording, reporting and uptime.
•    Detailed analysis on all statistics from the ACD, voice logger and call logging systems.
•    A detailed report on all findings is provided with a recommended action plan.

C-PERFORM may be temporarily installed to measure performance as part of this Audit process

Duration : 1 week on site and 1 week reporting

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