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Reporting is one of the most important, yet underutilized tools available in any contact centre. Despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of reports available in most systems, they are in an unstructured format, need to be run daily and then formatted and analyzed and are excessively time consuming. The result of this is that reporting ends up being a burden and not used.

In order for you to really understand how well your contact centre is performing, it is essential to carry out an audit. This is done by professionals who have many years of experience in business and the contact centre industry and can rapidly identify areas where your contact centre is lacking in or below par.

Poulton Consulting has vast experience in establishing new contact centres and has run industry workshops for companies that are embarking on this process themselves.

Often companies have the resources and capabilities internally to carry out the work necessary to uplift and improve service delivery in the contact centre but just lack the skill in identifying the areas that need attention and putting together an action plan to roll out.

Quality Management is ultimately the differentiating factor between your contact centre and that of your competitor. The days of product and price differentiation are long gone, it's all about service (see Report Automation) and quality of service.

RFP’s for any contact centre infrastructure are compiled to meet the customers needs.

Not many companies get any form of feedback from their staff and/or clients on what their perception of the service is and things they would like to see implemented/changed.

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