C-PERFORM is a UNIQUE Contact Centre Performance Management suite of reporting dashboards to give you total control over the daily operations of your contact centre. C PERFORM has been designed and deployed with over 20 years experience in setting up and managing many different Contact Centres and intimate knowledge of the information that contact centre managers require to be able to effectively run their environments.

C PERFORM is available for a FREE, no obligations, TRIAL PERIOD to test firsthand in your own contact centre environment and see the value it brings. After the Trial Period confirms that value, C PERFORM is then available on a month to month contract where fees are based on the number of users in the contact centre. C PERFORM usually pays for itself through savings from reduced headcount as a result of better agent performance management.

NOTE: C-PERFORM measures ALL agents, including agents WORKING FROM HOME. All stats pass though the Contact Centre Database so this means having FULL control over agent performance for staff working in the office and off site, whether this is permanent or temporary over the Coronavirus lockdown.

There are currently seven modules in the C PERFORM suite:

  1. C-PERFORM Agent Performance – Master
    Links to the Contact Centre Database, collects all data, imports scores and manages Agent Scorecard
  2. C-PERFORM Agent Performance – User
    Allows all Supervisors and Managers to view data for their teams and to update Leave, Coaching, Training etc
  3. C-PERFORM Agent Performance  -Agent
    Each Agent can view their own stats directly
  4. C-PERFORM Agent Performance – YTD
    Annual summary of performance by Financial Year and by Awards Period
  5. C-PERFORM Payroll – Master
    Collects all scores from Master and manages performance pay scales
  6. C-PERFORM Payroll – User
    Allows all Managers and Supervisors to see Performance Pay for their teams
  7. C-PERFORM Contact Performance
    Measures all Calls, Emails, Service Levels by day, week and year.

C-PERFORM currently caters for Inbound services but additional modules for Outbound Sales with built in automated Commissions are in development and will be released soon. Watch this space!

There are also several other very useful Wall Dashboards for use in the Contact Centre to show contact volumes (voice and email) and service levels by hour and by day.

Historically, contact centre reporting has been a nightmare with literally hundreds of reports available, but all in unstructured formats that require management to spend hours on a daily basis to be able to check on how their staff have been performing and how the contact centre has been servicing its clients.
C PERFORM removes all that hassle and puts detailed, meaningful reporting in all of managements hands at the press of a button.


  1. Links directly into the Contact Centre database
  2. Automatically downloads all the stats for the previous day
  3. Loads all these stats into a series of dashboards that are colour coded to clearly highlight any areas out of norm.
  4. Shows stats for all Calls, Emails and Outbound Campaigns, per agent, per team, per department.
  5. Measures all agent activity for every day and across all contact types
  6. Shift register to setup and track different shifts and breaks
  7. Built in calendar to track public holidays and no work days. Workdays can be Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
  8. Tracking of all leave types and absenteeism
  9. Ability to import user definable company scores for Quality, CSAT, Proficiency Tests etc to be included in the Agent Scorecard. Each score can be weighted.
  10. Compares stats of agents against
    1. Work schedules to determine late arrivals, early departures and adherence to personal breaks.
    2. Schedules for training, coaching, meetings etc to validate time taken for such activities
    3. Other agents performing the same tasks to measure contact volumes and handling times. Stats are pro rated to accommodate time the agent may have taken for coaching, training etc.
    4. Applies penalties to all out of norm values and collates results into an Agent Performance Scorecard, which can be used to pay incentives etc. This is also printable for agent signoff every month, with or without incentive pay
  11. Provides Managers with a view of everything
  12. Provides Supervisors with a view of their team/s
  13. Provides Agents with a view of their own performance
  14. Provides an Administrator with access to tools to setup, configure and manage C PERFORM

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